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AirLite Bedding Facts

Recycled Cardboard  Bedding

Recycled cardboard for animal bedding is becoming an increasingly popular, healthier choice for many animal owners.  It is a versatile product that is suitable for every type of animal, large or small, reptiles and birds and beneficial to the environment being 100% biodegradable.

Results from scientific research show that cardboard bedding is particularly beneficial for animals and humans suffering from allergies or breathing problems.Whilst most studies to date regarding dust exposure have been conducted on humans , the effect on animals, particularly smaller species, is likely to be even more pronounced especially as they are in close, continual contact with their bedding.  As humans, we have a relatively poor sense of smell compared with other animals, therefore a nasal or respiratory irritant is much more likely to harm many animals which rely on smell for locating food and identifying and interacting with other animals.

With particular reference to horses; the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science recommends using recycled cardboard for horse bedding  for prevention and treatment of horses with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), breathing problems or allergies. Cardboard bedding is super absorbent, cost effective, light and easy to handle.  The Canadian Equine Research Council research reports reveal that cardboard bedding is found to be 5 times more absorbent that wood shavings, 6 times more absorbent than straw bedding and twice more absorbent than hemp bedding. 

Benefits of using recycled cardboard for animal bedding – Shredded cardboard has natural insulation which helps keep animals warm during colder months. It has not food contamination, or cross contamination from oils and chemicals and hence can be safely used for all animals, even newborns, giving them the healthiest start in life. The high absorbency factor in shredded cardboard bedding helps liquid waste flow quickly down to the floor level where the bottom layers start absorbing immediately. This leaves the surface layer absolutely dry.  Cardboard bedding is odorless and can remarkably reduce the amount of ammonia which builds up in stables, barns and any confined animal environment. This type of bedding is dust free and is very beneficial for animals with respiratory problems such as COPD.  It is produced using special shredding machinery that extracts dust before bagging, making it virtually dust, seed and spore free, thereby reducing airborne allergens. The unique design of the cardboard animal bedding imitates the natural interlocking framework of straw when spread out as bedding and this makes it long lasting. Cardboard animal beddings is 100% bio-degradable and complete breakdown usually takes between 8-12 weeks depending on weather conditions. This can be applied directly to land and gardens as an excellent soil fertilizer.

AirLiteanimal bedding is the best choice for any every animal owner who is serious, not only about their animals’ health, but their own too!


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